Part# CICS

Intermediate Carrier Set. 

Add single fourth hinge for 8ft or higher panels.

Pull Handle

One pull handle is included with Half Offset Hinge Sets and regular (flat) Hinge Sets.

Single hinges with handles can be ordered as a fourth hinge for 8ft or higher panels for additional pull strength.

Independent pull handles (a.k.a., "external" pull) are also available and are best used with inswing applications.

Part# CRC or CLC

Concealed Right or Left Carrier

Includes top and bottom rollers and fit on end panels that do not swing. 

Part# HHS

Half-offset Hinge Set

Add single fourth hinge for 8ft or higher panels.

Part# WPS

Wall Pivot Set

Add a second wall-pivot for doors 8ft or higher. 

Part# 426

Q-lon Kerf Weatherstrip

Part# CPS

Concealed Pivot Set

Includes top & bottom pivot.

(Does not include wall-pivot)

NOTE: Image map does not include all possible hardware options. Please consult the downloadable brochures to guide your online purchase(s) or use the custom quote option below.


If you have ever owned or operated any exterior bifold door (no matter the brand) the chances are high that it moved on Centor® OEM hardware. Based in Australia, they have lead the way for folding doors worldwide and it has become the name to trust for quality, longevity, and silky smooth operation. 

We are one of the few OEM fabricators in the U.S. who also supply this specialty hardware to the general public. Additionally, we’ve made it even easier to get the parts you need through our online shop or you can contact us through the custom quote request form below.

Product: Heavy steel folding side doors with E4 hardware

Fabricator: Redman Commercial LLC

Location: The Rustic / San Antonio TX

Photo: ID Studio 4


Product brochures and specs can be found in the download section. For more resources, visit centor.com.

Please provide as many details as possible so we can determine which hardware package best fits your specific project. Note: Door and hardware configurations are based on exterior views. This is important when determining total number panels that stack left and/or right.