Custom folding doors & windows made with Accoya® timber for maximum energy efficiency and performance.



"The bi-fold window we got from Novare was extremely high quality and arrived exactly on schedule. I spent a lot of time looking around for someone who sells these, and Novare is the only domestic reputable dealer we could find. If you're looking for a US-based company that makes bi-fold doors and windows at a fair price with a real customer service rep to communicate with - Novare is the place to go."

Jeremy Grigery


“Bring the outdoors in” is the common catch-phrase for large doors. However, we would all prefer the bugs stay outside. The solution for that is retractable screens. They serve to protect when needed but practically disappear when you do not. NOVARE offers a variety of options that can be customized into your folding door or window.

S4 Screen Solution

Accoya® at the core.

Accoya is modified timber by way of acetylation. That is a fancy way of saying that it is 100% non-toxic “treated” wood. Every fiber of the wood is modified under this proprietary process making the end product extremely stable to resist warping and swelling –  even bugs hate it. Additionally, although wood is already a naturally insulating material, Accoya performs higher than any other wood making it an extremely smart choice for thermal efficiency.

We love this product so much that we have made it standard in almost all of our timber products. 

Finish Options

Our doors and windows arrive with a primed finish. If wood grain is what you prefer we can also pair accoya with a different species to achieve a variety of options while maintaining the performance that only accoya can provide.

Hardware Color Choices

Hinges & rollers

Robust performance and silky smooth operation is key to a folding system you can rely on. Equally important is the ability to make vertical and lateral adjustments. Centor® delivers on all aspects and has been the trusted brand for decades.

Locking Options

Dropbolts or Single Handle Twin-Point Locks

Both options are available as keyed or non-keyed. The new Gen2 Twin-point locks now make even-numbered stacked doors accessible from the exterior – something unheard of until now!

Multipoint Locks & Lever Sets

Hoppe Verona & Dallas Trim

Cardinal LoE insulated glass with argon gas is standard and can include 270, 272, or 366 options. 

Neat Glass can be added as an upgrade to any of the LoE options for additional benefits.

Divided light options upon request / SDL, GBL, or a combo of both.


Maximum panel stack: 8 Left + 8 Right

Swing direction: Outswing (recommended) or inswing

Support: Top-hung or bottom rolling.

NEW: With the addition of Gen2 Twinpoint locks, door systems with even-numbered stacks (example: 2L or 2R) can be accessible from the exterior. This gives homeowners a new alternative to sliding doors that commonly require a fixed panel.