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Step 1 | Collect Info

Explore product information and become familiar with the possibilities regarding the product you are interested in. You will also need to determine measurements for your project so that a rough estimate can be processed.

Step 2 | Request Quote

Fill out our Request Quote online form and we are usually able to respond within 24-48 hours with a written estimate.

Note:  We may connect you with one of our partners who can provide full service including, estimate, design, receiving product shipment (these products can be quite big!), and installation for NOVARE brand folding doors & window products. For areas without a dealer, we will quote and sale direct but with possible limitations for delivery and installation.

Step 3 | Design

If estimate is approved, we will begin moving forward with the design and includes drawings and dimensions specific to the product and project. 

Step 4 | Design Approval

Review the drawings and descriptions very closely and make sure that every detail is accurate. There are no dumb questions. We would rather make changes on paper versus fixing any expensive issues in the fabrication process!

Once approved with your signature, we will send an invoice for a deposit of 50% to initiate production.

Step 5 | Production

Production begins when the deposit has been received. This includes ordering any components and materials specific to completing the project. 

Step 6 | Shipping

After production has concluded for your order we will send an invoice for the remaining amount. After payment has been received, we will then begin packaging and making arrangements for delivery and or/installation. 

NOVARE products are usually shipped LTL

CENTOR® Integrated Doors & Windows are provided only through us as an Authorized Dealer, including delivery and installation to local markets only.

S2, S4, and Genius® Retractable Screens may be provided directly or through a dealer, depending on the project, area, and needs of the customer.

Swinging door products are direct sales in most cases and delivery and installation service varies depending on location.