Mass produced products require massive financial investments. While in some cases that my translate to shorter lead times, the return on investment is always expected. We fabricate our products made to order and do not mass produce anything. This significantly reduces overhead cost and the savings are passed on to our customers.

Yes. We can completely customize a hardware kit to include all components necessary for your particular project. You may also find exactly what you need through our online store.

Because out-swing always outperforms against the exterior elements. When it comes to folding doors, out-swing is the industry standard unless something else prevents it, such as a certain commercial building code or a structural anomaly.

We can give you resources to help guide the installation but that is really a question only you can answer. Some questions worth considering would be:

  • Do you have door installation experience of any kind?
  • Do you feel confident with your ability to prepare the rough opening of your structure for weather tight performance using appropriate flashing, caulking, sill pan, etc?
  • Do you have someone willing to assist with lifting the door frame into place of your rough opening?
  • Are you confident that the header material of your opening is structurally sound to support a top hanging door system? 

Because there is a degree of complexity from planning and installation, most people opt for a professional installation through a contractor or dealer. 

This is really a question for your engineer to determine based on weight and width of the door. However, we strongly suggest constructing an engineered beam, preferably in some cases with steel support.

Both vertical and horizontal adjustments are possible with all of our systems for fine tuning an installation and to correct any minor settling issues. This is a critical feature that not all bi-fold doors & window systems include.

Most doors and windows are produced and shipped within a 14-15 lead time.

We do not currently offer paint or stain finishes. However, a primed finish on our Accoya products is standard unless otherwise specified.


Integrated Doors & Windows by Centor® are unique in that they have integrated screen and shade systems directly into the units and in turn can be recessed easily into the structure of a rough opening, making a true “integration” with your home’s architectural design. Additionally, all hardware (hinges, rollers, locks, etc) is either minimally exposed or not exposed at all for a true seamless operation, without compromises.

While we do allow direct customers purchasing our own line of doors to handle their installation by whatever means works best for them, Integrated Doors & Windows are a slightly different “breed”. Centor requires Dealers to use only their certified installers to manage the process. Therefore, due to the complexity of the product, the 200 and 400 series of doors are primarily reserved for our Houston Texas customers only.

Both vertical and horizontal adjustments are possible for fine tuning an installation and to correct any minor settling issues.


With the exception of Centor 200 & 400 series doors and windows (local only), all other products ship to 48 states.


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