Novare + Centor
Centor Integrated Folding Door


Centor® is recognized as the industry standard when it comes to exterior and interior folding door hardware. The E2i, E2, E3, and E4 hardware have been key ingredients in our own brand of folding door systems and noted for robust performance, easy adjustments, and silky smooth operation. Centor is also known for their meticulously designed S2 and S4 Screen & Shade solutions for customers looking to enhance over-all performance and comfort.

It is with great delight to announce that we have aligned ourselves more closely with Centor® USA by becoming an Authorized Dealer for their world-renowned Integrated Door & Window systems. These doors & windows are truly in a class of their own and we are thrilled to be apart of the family. Integrated Doors & Windows are available in aluminum/wood (200 series) and thermally improved all-aluminum (400 series) systems. More details will continue to be added to our web-site in time but we encourage you to explore Centor’s website for more information and contact us for estimate details. We currently provide Centor Integrated products for Houston & Austin Texas regions.