Centor Integrated Systems Overview

Centor Integrated Systems are available in a variety of styles, including: Folding Doors & Windows, Sliding Doors & Windows, Swinging Doors & Windows, and Fixed Windows

Although very different in their individual purpose and function, the one thing that makes them similar is the integrated screen and shade options that are housed within the units themselves. These particular components are similar across the entire product line.

While not all projects are the same, the below information will serve you well to increase your general understanding of the installation process, components, and answer many of the questions you may have. 

Live training will also be required for your first installation.

Folding, Double Swing, Single Doors

Installation Guide Documents (200 & 400 Series)

Novare Folding Doors

NOVARE Brand doors are manufactured in Houston Texas. Although made with different materials, the components are generally the same with a more traditional approach to getting them installed. The installation guide may feature images that appear slightly different than the contents of the particular product you may be installing but the principle procedures should be followed.

Centor S4/S2 Screens & Shades